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26 April 2008

April 29, 2008 3 komentar

Aq mengikuti ujian APEI…di surabaya…Kantor APEI di jl.bratang Biangun…Nomor…lupa….hari sabtu.dalam perjalanan aq mabuk berat..maklum orang desa pergi ke surabaya kena knalpot langsung down..biasanya aq naik ojek atao dokar…wah untungya aq ga pingsan..cos se-isi perutku terkuras habis gara2 aq muntah2…samapek lemes…

Sebelum ujian dimulai ponselku berdering…terima pesan dari some one…. ini pesennya ” jangan lupa sholat dhuha..moga sukses selalu..ya” trus aq sempatkan sholat dhuha’ dan menunngu panggilan tes wawancara…dalam ruangan itu …wah..buanyak peserta dari berbagai daerah..

alhamdulliha semua lancar…cos aq dah mengantongi kisi2 soalnya….(moga lulus ) doakan ya pembaca….

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Easy-Downloader V2.0 for ATMEL 89C51/52/55 89S51/52

April 29, 2008 2 komentar

If you need more code space for your application, particularly for developing 89Cxx projects with C language, the Easy-Downloader V2.0 is the answer. It’s suitable and cheap which anyone can build easily. This version is capable of writing intel-HEX file to a 89C51(4kB), 89C52(8kB) and 89C55(20kB). After compiling the source file in Assembly or C then download the hex file to the chip directly by using A:\>ez2 myfirst(.hex), say.


Figure 1 shows the circuit diagram of Easy-Downloader V2.0. The 89C51 with ez52.hex receives a 9600 baud serial data from PC and generates the appropriated signal applying to the ZIF socket. P0 is for bi-directional data transferring. P1 provides A0-A7, P2.0-P2.6 for A8-A14. Look at A14, our software uses P2.6, while ATMEL uses P3.0 instead. Programming mode selection is done by P3.4 to P3.7. See in ez52.c for details. The programming voltage shown a bit different from version 1.1, Vpp pin needs only +5V and +12V and simply activated by P3.3. The clock input pin X1 of the ZIF socket is derived from X2 without buffering. I have tested, no problem so far.

Figure 1: Circuit Diagram of Easy-Downloader V2.0

Constructing the Board

The prototype board may be built using universal PCB with point-to-point soldering. If you want to make a PCB, get the ez2.pcb, open with Protel version 2.73. The components placement is shown in Figure 2.
For those who can make the PCB with PDF file, get this file ez2pcb.pdf

Figure 2: Components Placement Layout


ez52.hex is the hex file firmware needed for 89C51. Use a given programmer or available Easy-Downloader write the hex file into the 89C51. An alternative is to use 89S8252 chip, build a simple SPI downloader through LPT port. The preprogrammed 89S8252 with ez52.hex can be used in place of 89C51.ez52.c is the source program written in C language for further modification. To recompile, it needs Micro-C for 8051 compiler from Dunfield Development System.

ez2.exe is the dos version program that runs on PC sending the hex code to the Easy-Downloader board.

Note: EZ2 dos version can use only with old PC, 386 or 486 machine.

Example of using ez2 is shown in Figure 3.

Figure 4: Example of Using EZ3 and EZ3.1

Download EZ Uploader V3.0 for Window As seen in the Easy-Downloader V1.1, the EZ UPLOADER V3.0 can also be used with Easy V2.0. Now for the 89C51, 89C52 and 89C55, there is a signature byte, thus no longer need to select memory size. The EZ will recognize how big the code memory is. Just click Send Hexfile, everything will done automatically. Download EZ Uploader V3.1 for Window This is beta test EZ3.1 Uploader, with additional READ and SAVE AS features. The HEX code resided in the chips can be read and save as an Intel HEX file.

Easy II Links

Source code for sdcc

Download the source code, ez52s.c , hex file, ez52s.hex and the compiler,
New firmware is designed for using with EZDL4.